Secor 7000
March 30, 2017
PARAT pouch 5500
April 30, 2016
The future of breathing using respiratory protection



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  • The result of the entire design process carries the name of “ICARUS“ as a symbol for flight and for overcoming the natural limits. Based on a one time use filter scenario, “Icarus” family provides a safer and a very light weight solution by decreasing the size and the weight of the already existing filters. The communication is enhanced by the transparency of the mask body, which allows full visibility of the user’s face. Donning and doffing procedures are simplified by removing the issue of loose straps, this way increasing the comfort of the user.
  • Considering that the overall goal was to end the study with a portfolio of four products, the challenge was to come with an overall concept which will differentiate them. The main concept behind separating economy from premium was to offer all the best safety features as economy while increase the comfort through some extra features as premium. This would make the premium more appealing for the hobby users and maintain the economy in the professional/industrial sector.
  • As example the Icarus 1.2 has the same features as 1.1, the only difference is that is targeting the activities were wearing goggles are mandatory by adding an easy fixing visor. For the full face mask I used the same principle. The main difference between Icarus 2.1 and 2.2 stands in an extra transparent speech diaphragm.The conclusion I reached here is producing such a feature would imply big costs (considering the material involved in the process) that would reflected in the end cost of the product. For the industry, the transparent material of the mask body would work satisfactory in transmitting sound, but for the hobby users this feature seemed to be quite important.
  • As conclusion I decided to leave the choice of this added comfort in the hands of the users. An important aspect is that I assume that safety should never be a choice dictated by money, and the result of my study supports this statement.